Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We are excited to welcome Kelsey, Sister Petalisi home this Friday!!!  She will be speaking in church on November the 20th at 9:00.  12th and  Pearl building.  It's been a great year and an half!!
Hey Mom and Dad!! I know that I will be seeing you all this week so I'm going to keep it short today. Lots of things to do this last P-day here in Tonga. It is all very bitter sweet and I'm excited to see the fam and excited to hold babies again HA but hard to say good bye to this place. My companion and I made it a goal not to cry this week but so far we're failing bad. I hope we can spend lots of time with their family especially before Rita leaves on her mission so we can eat Tongan food or can we please go find a Tongan restaurant when I'm home? I'm sure there has to be a few in Seattle. I've heard Samoan and I can't understand it it's different, but my companion says if I listen closely I'd be able to pick up some things and vise versa. I'm not allowed to wear the Tongan clothes on the plane ride home but I will wear it Sunday out of respect and also I don't know how many other options I have. Work this week was very rewarding. Despite the need for us to go help the other sisters here and work with them in their areas for lots of different reasons and we had less time in our area but I know God blessed us for having a willing heart and mind. We had lots of new investigators this week and God led us to 2 new families to teach the message of the Restoration to and commit to baptism. One of the most rewarding things on my mission has been training. I love my companion Sister Moeata she is amazing and will continue to do great things in this area. Have a good week I love you 2!  

After another rain and thunderstorm

Kele kula

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dear Family

This week was a historical week for the people of Tongamama'o. We worked together with the primary president to put together a Halloween ward party for the kids (it was mainly all her but we helped with the idea) It was very new and different for everyone, many kids were confused, some were scared, but it turned out good and they hope to start a new Tongamama'o ward tradition by celebrating Halloween every year. Each auxiliary decorated their own room at the church and the kids walked around door to door asking for candy. 

After last weeks challenging week of work, losing our progressing investigators, we ended up doing a lot less teaching and a lot more walking around knocking doors and trying to find new people to teach. And for anyone who has served a mission before, it is usually not the most rewarding or loved thing. I sometimes can't help but think to myself if our knocking on doors just the two of us is actually going to pay off because half of the houses tell us never to come back and the other half sets a time for us to teach and then isn't there when we do go back to teach them. But one of the miracles we saw this week through our diligence and faith was finding a new investigator by knocking on doors. Actually not really new because they were taught once before during our stake companion exchange and they live right next door to us but we've been trying to find them ever since that first week we got here. Every morning during our studies we would see the father driving off to work and he wouldn't get home until after we got home. We visited the wife trying to schedule a time to meet with them, but she is not interested and would tell us to come back in a few weeks so were getting nowhere by visiting her. But we knew we needed to find this father and teach him, every time we saw him drive off to work I'd think to myself when are we going to be able to find a time he is available. Friday afternoon we went back to one of the houses we had met knocking doors and they weren't home but we were surprised to find the father we had been looking for and a coworker working on a car in their front-yard. He stopped his work and said the family wasn't home but asked if we could teach him right there. We taught him and committed him to baptism. He had read the Book of Mormon and said he believes it is a book from God and wants to read it more and belong to the church. He told us that only him in his family is interested, his wife and her family are strong Catholic. We went back and taught his whole family Saturday night. Right now, we are trying to help him to stop smoking and drinking. I think his wife's heart was softened a little when we taught the Word of Wisdom and when he is able to overcome his addictions and change his life he will be able to help his whole family convert to the gospel. The challenging thing will be finding the time to teach them, but I know God will help this family and help us to know how to help them convert to the gospel.  

Ofa atu!

Sister  Petalisi

                                                                  Stake service at the Wesleyan high school

                                                         Historical 1st Halloween celebrated in Eua 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dear Family,

This week another sickness hit 'Eua and it seemed to hit only the missionaries except for me and my companion. We spent lots of the week "tauhi mahaki" taking care of the sick and being their nurses running them medicine and drinks. Both of our investigators that had their baptismal dates set for last week were not baptized because for one her mother did not want her to and the other her grandma. It was pretty hard on all of us. It has become more and more vital that we work very close with our members in this ward to hasten the work here. I'm grateful that I work in such a loving ward that focuses on the missionary work and is trying so hard to find people for us to teach. Our area isn't that big and both of the missionaries in the Wesleyan church here in our area have told their members not to accept us into their home and we have been facing lots of rejection and opposition with the non-members in this area. Most people are straight forward about it, some let us in anyways because they live by the belief that we all pray to the same God and they probably just feel bad for us and some run away. We were pretty amused when the 30 year-old investigator we found last week we walked past his house yesterday and caught him running from the table he was laying on outside his house to hide behind his mango tree like only a teenager would do. Although it is hard and a huge test of my faith, the greater the opposition we face the more powerful the testimony it is to me that our message is true and this church is God's church and kingdom on the earth. Just as Jesus Christ told his apostles they will be despised by all nations because of His name, we see it around us today wherever we go. There will be a time for these people where there hearts will be softened and they will accept us or future missionaries into their home to teach them the message of the restoration. We must not give up on anyone. We have lots of work to do to prepare for the 2nd coming. Mate ofa atu!

Sister Petalisi

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Dear Family,

You asked if things are closed on Sunday's here. Yes, Tonga is still very much like that. Nothing is open on Sundays and recently they closed all of the bakery's which used to be the only thing open on Sundays. When I first came, I heard it was half the population were members of the church, but it is now higher than that, but I don't have an exact number. 
This week's stake program was fun and successful! We spent each day in each of the 4 areas in this stake with all of the missionaries and the members of that ward. We went around and taught all of the families the members had invited for us to teach. We had lots of new investigators and baptismal dates set up in all of the wards. 
Thursday I flew to Tonga for a Temple trip and MLC and came back with President and Sister Makai and Elder Walker, the area seventy that visited the stake for stake conference this weekend. Lots of great things happened this week, continuing to help Susana and Ofeina prepare for the baptism this weekend and preparing for Conference weekend, but the highlight of the week was finding a new investigator yesterday. We went around trying to visit as many investigators and less-actives as we could before walking to our stake fireside last night. The Lord led us to a house and we found a 30 year old guy who accepted our invitation to be taught and baptized. We have high hopes for him and his family and excited to go back this week. 
More news to come next week. Love you and have a great week!!

Sister Petalisi

Conference with (Left to right) Ofeina, Siu, Susana, Mele, Sis. Petalisi.

Stake Conference with President and Sister Makai, Elder Waller and President Ma'u.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hey so just writing a quick note.  We are doing a stake program today in preparation for stake conference next week. We will emal on Saturday but things are going well back here in Eua . I got a warm welcome from my old members here and love being back even though it was heartbreaking leaving my wards in Vava'u. I plan on going back as soon as possible! The 8 hour boat ride was beautiful after the first  couple hours of sea sickness and throwing up. We stopped in ha'apai to drop off an elder and continued to the main island. We all picked up our new companions (there were a lot of us) and had meetings in Liahona on Friday and then me and my new comp flew to Eua Thursday morning . I am training a sister from Vava'u Sister Moeata. We've been trying to meet all the investigators and less actives the last sisters were working with the past few days but not much luck no one was home so we did some of our own finding. We found 2 of the investigators that I had started teaching when I worked here before and set up baptismal dates for both of them. We went to general conference session with them last night. They are 2 teenage girls , Susanna and ofeina. Lots of work to do this week to prepare for conference and continue the work that the previous missionaries left here. Love you all have a wonderful week! 

Ofa atu!! 
Dear Family,                                                     October 3rd.

Although it was a short 6 weeks in Vava'u, it was 6 of the best weeks
I've spent on my mission. It tears my heart every time I have to leave
an area and those that I taught and the members that helped us, but
God's timing and ways are higher than ours. My companion got her visa
and left this morning for the Philippines. Tomorrow, I will be riding
a boat back to my old area in Tongamama'o 'Eua. 8 hours from Vava'u to
Tonga and then another 3 to Eua. I will be training again but don't
know yet who she is. It was definitely a shock and I planned on
finishing in this area, but I guess there is more I need to do in

The 11 year old daughter of the family we found a few weeks ago was
baptized yesterday and her family is doing great. Continuing to teach
them the lessons and they are always excited to learn more of the
doctrine. One of the families in the ward lives next door to them and
their daughters are the same age and best of friends. When Lusia Faa,
the girl that was baptized, stayed up on the stand to bear her
testimony after being confirmed in Sacrament meeting, her little
friend walked up and sat next to her. They are the cutest.

Lani and her 8 year old son are both preparing to be baptized this
month. As well as my old companion's nephew and niece who are set to
be baptized this week. I love this work and I love this gospel. There
is no greater joy than seeing the gospel work in other's lives and
feeling it everyday in my own. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior
and that He lives.  Have a wonderful week!

Sister Petalisi
This is an email I tried to send a couple weeks ago but the
net wasn't working.

Dear Family,

Yes, lots of emergency transfers lately. My new companion is Sister
Vaa'i from Nuku'alofa Tonga (Halaleva). She is waiting to get her visa
so she can enter the Philippine MTC and they are hoping to get it by
next week!

Lots of great things happened this week. We had Ward Conference in one
of our wards on Sunday. The members were pretty excited preparing for
the conference and inviting their friends.We found 2 new families this
week, a widow whose husband recently passed away and her 8 year old
son, and a part less-active/non-member family. We got a call from the
Bishop's counselor one day letting us know that his friend was having
doubts about his church's doctrine on God and he wanted Mormon
missionaries to visit him and if they could help him understand the
God-head, he would come back to church. We went and visited this
family prepared to teach them about the Godhead. But when we sat down
and started to talk with them, before I knew it, I was sharing with
them the message of the restoration. It was as if I wasn't speaking. It
was the clearest and most understandable explanation I've ever given
of the apostasy and the restoration of the gospel. The mother was
crying and the father just stared at me, wide-eyed. He couldn't say
much, bu the did say he was shocked. He thought Mormons prayed to
Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon was our Mormon Bible and that we
didn't believe in the resurrection. They shared with us that they felt
a light enter their home the day we visited with them because of the
understanding they were starting to have of the truth. Their family
came to our Fireside Friday night and Conference on Sunday. They are
all less-active, except for one of the daughters who isn't baptized.
It is exciting to see the ward so excited about this new family
potentially coming back to church. The Stake President wants to come
with us whenever we visit to teach the family. The leaders of the
church have recently been stressing the importance of working towards
the less-actives and promising that there will be more convert
baptisms if we do so. We have started to see the fruits as we've tried
visiting more less-actives. I know that when we sustain our leaders
and heed to their counsel, the blessings will come.

Ofa atu!
Sister Petalisi

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dear Family,                                     Sept. 12th. 2016

We made it to Otea this week! There are about 80 people on the island,
50 of them are members of the church and the only other church is the
Wesleyan church. It is so peaceful and calm and beautiful. It reminded
me of 'Eua, just no cliffs and tiny. We got dropped off just the 2 of
us on a small boat. It didn't take us long to find the church and our
place to stay because its so small and the church is right on the
beach. The entire island runs on solar power. No running water.
President gave us 2 days out there this week to start our work and
meet the people. We spent both of those days sick, diarrhea and
throwing up. They thought I was "puke tevolo" (sick with the devil or
possessed) because apparently the graveyard near our place isn't a
friendly one. I know that I wasn't possessed and I just had a really
bad fever so I was shaking. Disappointing that we didn't get to work
or teach any of the families, but we did meet with some of the members.

This week was one of those weeks where nothing really goes as hoped or
planned . One of the families we are teaching that had baptismal dates
for this week, their parents delayed the baptism, but the good news is
they still are fine with us teaching the kids. Our other golden
investigator is moving to California at the end of this month and
wants to get baptized before she leaves. She lives with her aunt who
is fine with us visiting and teaching as long as baptism has nothing
to do with it, and then we are no longer welcome. We are not letting
it get to us or giving up. Even though people's agency is frustrating
sometimes I love this work!

Love you all have a good week!!
Sister Petalisi

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hi family!
First off I want to give a huge CONGRATS to Bryce and my new sister-in-law!! I feel so blessed to be coming home to a new sister that isn't a total stranger. Best wishes to you and Meghan and the new life you will be starting together. Speaking of weddings, Kalolo and his girl-friend will be getting married this Thursday and he will be baptized on Saturday!

 Lots of changes these past couple weeks. First off, I hopped islands once again and am now serving in Vava'u! We are working in town, Pouono, and we cover 3 wards. 2 words here in Neiafu and 1 ward on another island, Otea. We haven't made it to the other ward because lots of craziness these past 2 weeks, but we will be boating there tomorrow and starting our work out there. It's definitely different here. Working in town is a little busier and crazier than any of the other areas I've worked in. Lots of people and lots of tourists. Vava'u is lots of mountains . Every day feels like training for another climb up Rainier. The hills are killer but my legs are starting to get used to it. We are currently teaching 2 families. 1 of them we are preparing for baptism and the other is my companions sister's family who we are still working on.

Saturday night and yesterday we had stake conference with one of the 70, Elder Lilta, a Samoan. It was amazing. So many inspired words and lots of revelation. I wish I could share more but I'm going to have to keep it short this week. I want you all to know how much I love this gospel and how grateful I am for a loving Savior who I have felt so close by my side the last how many months I've been out here. I know that this is His work and that obedience brings blessings like crazy. I love you all! Have an amazing week!

Sister Petalisi

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hey family!

Another wonderful week has flown by! So many good things are happening in the Finau family (the family in the ward whose brother we're teaching, Kalolo.) Friday night we took them to visit the temple and it was a miracle because not only did he and his girlfriend make it, but his mom who is not a member and also the husband who we are currently working with to come back to the church and get his priesthood so he and his wife can be sealed in the temple.  It was such a wonderful and spiritual experience for all of us! It was a turning point for both the husband and the mom. The missionaries have been trying to work with her mom for years now and she has refused every invitation to read the Book of Mormon, fearing that knowing the truth she will have to make a change. Not only did she come to church with her family on Sunday, but she also accepted the Book of Mormon and agreed to read it! Her daughter is so happy and everyone is shocked to see her coming around. But we are all so excited for this cute little family.

Saturday morning we all went to the Vaiola hospital to do service, picked up trash and painted the fence around the hospital which was fun! Helping hands team was all over the island Saturday preparing for the 100 years of Misiona Tonga festivities this week. 

So many things I wish I had time to write about. But I want you all to know that I love you and I love this work. Go out there and make someone else happy (: 

Love you!
Sister Petalisi

Monday, August 1, 2016

Hello everyone!

It's been a good week and although change is i guess a little hard for me, I'm getting a hang of things back here in Tonga! I realized that I COMPLETELY forgot to mention anything about our new President and his wife. We have a new mission president and I absolutely adore them and their family. President and Sister Tu'ione are from New Zealand but originally from here and they are shaking things up a bit. At MLC we were able to set the standards for the mission and this past week we had a meeting with all the missionaries to talk about the new changes and our standards of excellence. I love everything that is happening! 

A little update on the people we are working with that are progressing - We have been teaching an older brother of one of the converts in this ward and his girlfriend for a few weeks now. Since the first day we taught them it has been really neat to see him warm up to us and his desire to do good slowly change. Right now him and his girlfriend are living together and now they are working towards getting married so he can be baptized. His girlfriend grew up in the church, but has been away for awhile and she is trying to quit smoking and live the commandments and come back to church. She has been attending church for a few weeks now and yesterday, they both came for the first time!! It was a very happy experience for all of us (:

Of course there are always a few bumps in the road and this week had a few. I got pretty sick one night, throwing up and diarrhea all through the night and morning. Luckily medicine came in the morning and by the afternoon all outbursts were subsided for the time being. I still felt pretty terrible, but we felt like we needed to go out and visit those we had planned. In just the first 2 hours that we went out, miracles happened! It was a less-active single mother of 2 little boys that has been away from church for years. We started working with her this week and she has strengthened my testimony that obedience increases faith and faith brings miracles. Yesterday we were so surprised when she showed up to church with her 2 little boys!! After visiting her that day, we went to another less-active and although he wasn't home, his sister and her husband were home and we were able to teach them and at the end of the lesson they agreed to be baptized! We haven't seen much progress with them because we were only able to teach them once after that, but more to come in the future.

Love you all. Thank you for your love and prayers <3
Sister Petalisi


Selfie of the sisters with Sister Tu'ione at MLC

Sunrise after our morning run

Monday, July 18, 2016


So sorry I did not get to email last week. Nothing terrible happened the net was just down. But wow lots has happened since I last emailed and I'm going to do my best at a decent update. 
So first of all, I got transferred back to Tongatapu. It was honestly the last thing I had expected and so it was pretty hard on me, but I got the news last week that I'd be leaving 'Eua. I'm now working in Kolovai and Fo'ui. It was a little shock coming here because it feels like everyone here speaks english. I'm kind of worried about my Tongan! There are just so many people that are from New Zealand or overseas and prefer speaking english. We cover two wards like my last area and it is not nearly as big but we have a car which is nice! My companion is one of the hardest working missionaries I've met! Sister Bever is from Oregon City , OREGON. The first day she got here to Tonga we saw each other and tried to figure out for a few minutes how we knew each other and realized that we took the same Book of Mormon class our freshman year at BYU. She is super smart and ran track for BYU. I believe she is going to help keep me in shape. 

I was lucky enough to to leave 'Eua just after the baptism we had scheduled with one of the girls we've been teaching in Pangai, Mele Ngatehau. Her younger brother, who was just recently called as the new ward mission leader, came back from his mission recently and came back just in time to baptize her. They are now the only two in their family that have been converted to the gospel and will continue to work towards the rest of their family! I know that one day they will all be baptized.

We also had a baptism here in Fo'ui. Her name is Sina Loni and her husband, Sika, is a member and performed the baptism. When she first married her husband, who was less-active at the time, she didn't really want much todo with the church, but having met her this week, it would not seem so. She has a strong testimony. I am excited for both of these woman to continue developing their faith and conversion and to be able to enter the temple a year from now. I am filled with so much every time I see someone who is humble enough to listen to the missionaries, and then give up the things of the world to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized. I know this is the true church and Jesus Christ stands at the head. Ofa lahi atu!

Sister Petalisi

Mele's baptism

Last p-day in 'Eua

Sina Loni's baptism

Washing our car with some helpers

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hello everyone! 

I feel like it's been awhile since I last emailed and so sorry I didn't last week! But I'll do my best to give a good update..

1. Happy 4th of July!!

2. We have a new mission president, President and Sister Tu'ione! We have yet to meet them here in 'Eua. But we will be flying to Tonga tomorrow for the temple and MLC and we are so so excited. President and Sister Tupou will be missed here they are so wonderful and I love them and their cute little family.

3. Pangai ward was ON FIRE this week. We had 7 new investigators and 5 baptismal dates set from those. 4 of these were siblings of a missionary that just recently finished and came home last week. He is the only member in his family and now we are preparing 4 of his siblings for baptism. They are so so cute. We started teaching on Wednesday and since then have met with them every day to teach them. Another is family with one of the older woman in our ward,  a 14 year old girl named Susana and it was her first time hearing the message of the restoration, but it was a beautiful lesson and when we invited her for baptism she was so so happy. We are taking it slowly with her because the hardest thing with most of those we are teaching is making sure their parents and grandparents are okay with it. 

4. Other than that, the majority of our teaching pool is less-actives. Thanks to our new ward plan centered around the meals the members feed us, we have been able to see 2 of the less-active members we are working with in Pangai come back to church! They are both preparing to go through the temple for the first time and hopefully by next month when our stake in 'Eua takes a trip to the temple!! One is a single mother in her 20's and the other is a married man in his middle age, whose wife is active and has been a huge support to him all these years. 

5. Last week we had a really good experience cleaning up a non-members yard in Ha'atu'a. We rounded up some brooms and a few neighborhood boys with lawn mowers and showed up at their house in the morning. The woman in the house that lives there came out and helped us and Sister Vimahi was able to start talking to her about the gospel while we all swept, weeded, cut the grass, and burnt the trash. By the time we were done she set a time for the Sisters in Ha'atu'a to go back and teach the family. 

6. Last week was a little wild. Sister Vimahi fell into a pile of mud trying to climb over someone's gate so our phone broke and we got locked out of our MQ and ended up surprising the Ha'atu'a sisters late at night after trying for forever to get into our house. But now all is well, new phone and new lock on our door. 

7. We had a stake fireside last night on living healthy and preventing diabetes, a very big problem here. A palangi doctor from America spoke at it and he was accompanied by a team of other doctors. We all had a change of heart and Sister Vimahi and I committed ourselves to taking our morning workouts more seriously. 

Well I love you all! I hope your week was just as good as mine! Here are some pics 

Me and Sister Pohahau

Ngaue 'ofa

Sister Vimahi's trip to the mud

President & Sister Tupou

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hi family!! 

This week our whole district was able to finally fly to Tonga!! We had a little zone meeting with President and Sister Tupou, which was our last time spent with them and we had final interviews with him as well. They will be released next week which is so so crazy. I love them so much and grateful for all of the things they have taught me. But we are looking forward to meeting our new President and his family. 

The past few days have been a little rough, Sister Vimahi and I BOTH sick. I thought it was just the lack of nutrition we've been getting lately but turns out it's food poisoning. I don't think my stomach liked the American food we've been getting lately at President's house and again this morning from our members who served us all American food. I never thought I would not be down for a bowl of cereal and pancakes for breakfast. So sad! 

Another highlight of the week were two of the families that we recently started working with. With our new fafanga program, our Bishop added two families, one less-active and one non-member, who asked for a time to feed us. We were able to go meet them for the first time this week the day they fed us and teach them. It was a very neat experience because they were all so so humble and grateful to be feeding the missionaries. One is an older couple who wants so badly to go through the temple and be sealed but the husband has been away from church for awhile and a convert to the church. They came to church yesterday! Another family is a lady who's kids are all baptized and come to church but is Catholic and she accepted our invitation to teach her as well as her mom who is already baptized, but went back to the Catholic church. We are so excited to continue to teach them and help them come unto Christ.

Ofa lahi atu!!
Sister Petalisi

Early morning to catch the 1st. sunrise in the world!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hi family!!

So lots of changes have occurred since I last wrote. 1. I have a new
companion, Sister Vimahi, and I love her! She's from Cali. 2. We have
a new area! The elders left in Tongamama'o right next to us so
President asked us to cover their area as well as ours. We practically
cover half of the island now. It was a little rough at first trying to
cover that much area on foot, but we are getting the hang of it,
slowly. It's been fun getting closer with another ward on top of ours!
3. We started a new program in our ward which has so far been so on
point!! Lately, we've started seeing a lack of progression in our ward
and so we started a new program that was inspired by one of the
sisters in our district here. Every morning and night a member family
feeds us and this is a huge thing here because they see it as a
blessing for us to eat their food. But since we care more about
teaching people then eating food, we started a program to help the
members hopefully change their focus. Every evening feeding there has
to be someone there for us to teach, whether a less-active or a
non-member, and if there isn't then we bless the food and at the same
time open our fast and let the members eat the food and we teach them.
This way, every night there is a teaching. Every day this week we have
had someone for us to teach before we eat!

This week we were supposed to fly to Tonga to go to MLC, but the plane
couldn't land because of wind the first time so we were stuck here. We
tried again on Thursday to have a mini MLC for the missionaries in
'Eua and Vava'u and ended up spending the entire day at the airport
waiting for our flight that kept getting delayed. And then finally it
was just cancelled altogether. It was a bit of a struggle to have a
good attitude about it. Especially when the storm hit which made the
work a little hard. I honestly don't know how this island isn't
completely flooded already! Looking back on it though, we've been able
to see so many BLESSINGS that have come out of it and how the Lord has
intervened for a wiser purpose. We realized that there was probably a
reason we needed to stay behind and it was because we were able to
teach the daughter of our bishop (who was feeding us that night)
and her husband, Tupou and Liana. She grew up in the church and served
a mission, but married her husband, a non-member. When we taught them
the message of the restoration, he was pretty open to it and when we
shared the account of the 1st vision, she started crying. I'm sure it
brought her back many memories and reminded her of the testimony she
had shared so many times with others. With what she shared with us we
could tell how much she regretted falling away and marrying outside
the church and how much she wants to come back and be sealed in the
temple. She was able to share with us and her husband how she received
a testimony of the Book of Mormon growing up. It was so BEAUTIFUL! The
morning after the lesson, they flew back to their home in Tonga they
go back and forth from. If we had gone to Tonga, we would probably
have been stuck in Tonga because of the storm and wouldn't have taught
them that night. I'm so excited, between us and the missionaries in
their area, to continue to teach them and help them be
converted/reconverted to the gospel!

This week I've started reading more diligently "Jesus the Christ" and
for any of you that haven't started it or finished it, READ IT. It's
so good. I regret that I only started reading it at this point in my
mission. The words are a bit big for me, but I have learned sooo much.

Another blessing of the week is that the HUGE rat that's been
pestering us is finally out of the MQ for good! After a little crazy
night where we woke up in the middle of the night because it was in my
BED we became a bit more driven to get it out. But now, all is well.
Rat is out. There are again blue skies here.

Love you all!!
Sister Petalisi