Monday, July 18, 2016


So sorry I did not get to email last week. Nothing terrible happened the net was just down. But wow lots has happened since I last emailed and I'm going to do my best at a decent update. 
So first of all, I got transferred back to Tongatapu. It was honestly the last thing I had expected and so it was pretty hard on me, but I got the news last week that I'd be leaving 'Eua. I'm now working in Kolovai and Fo'ui. It was a little shock coming here because it feels like everyone here speaks english. I'm kind of worried about my Tongan! There are just so many people that are from New Zealand or overseas and prefer speaking english. We cover two wards like my last area and it is not nearly as big but we have a car which is nice! My companion is one of the hardest working missionaries I've met! Sister Bever is from Oregon City , OREGON. The first day she got here to Tonga we saw each other and tried to figure out for a few minutes how we knew each other and realized that we took the same Book of Mormon class our freshman year at BYU. She is super smart and ran track for BYU. I believe she is going to help keep me in shape. 

I was lucky enough to to leave 'Eua just after the baptism we had scheduled with one of the girls we've been teaching in Pangai, Mele Ngatehau. Her younger brother, who was just recently called as the new ward mission leader, came back from his mission recently and came back just in time to baptize her. They are now the only two in their family that have been converted to the gospel and will continue to work towards the rest of their family! I know that one day they will all be baptized.

We also had a baptism here in Fo'ui. Her name is Sina Loni and her husband, Sika, is a member and performed the baptism. When she first married her husband, who was less-active at the time, she didn't really want much todo with the church, but having met her this week, it would not seem so. She has a strong testimony. I am excited for both of these woman to continue developing their faith and conversion and to be able to enter the temple a year from now. I am filled with so much every time I see someone who is humble enough to listen to the missionaries, and then give up the things of the world to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized. I know this is the true church and Jesus Christ stands at the head. Ofa lahi atu!

Sister Petalisi

Mele's baptism

Last p-day in 'Eua

Sina Loni's baptism

Washing our car with some helpers

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