Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dear Family,                                     Sept. 12th. 2016

We made it to Otea this week! There are about 80 people on the island,
50 of them are members of the church and the only other church is the
Wesleyan church. It is so peaceful and calm and beautiful. It reminded
me of 'Eua, just no cliffs and tiny. We got dropped off just the 2 of
us on a small boat. It didn't take us long to find the church and our
place to stay because its so small and the church is right on the
beach. The entire island runs on solar power. No running water.
President gave us 2 days out there this week to start our work and
meet the people. We spent both of those days sick, diarrhea and
throwing up. They thought I was "puke tevolo" (sick with the devil or
possessed) because apparently the graveyard near our place isn't a
friendly one. I know that I wasn't possessed and I just had a really
bad fever so I was shaking. Disappointing that we didn't get to work
or teach any of the families, but we did meet with some of the members.

This week was one of those weeks where nothing really goes as hoped or
planned . One of the families we are teaching that had baptismal dates
for this week, their parents delayed the baptism, but the good news is
they still are fine with us teaching the kids. Our other golden
investigator is moving to California at the end of this month and
wants to get baptized before she leaves. She lives with her aunt who
is fine with us visiting and teaching as long as baptism has nothing
to do with it, and then we are no longer welcome. We are not letting
it get to us or giving up. Even though people's agency is frustrating
sometimes I love this work!

Love you all have a good week!!
Sister Petalisi

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