Monday, October 10, 2016

This is an email I tried to send a couple weeks ago but the
net wasn't working.

Dear Family,

Yes, lots of emergency transfers lately. My new companion is Sister
Vaa'i from Nuku'alofa Tonga (Halaleva). She is waiting to get her visa
so she can enter the Philippine MTC and they are hoping to get it by
next week!

Lots of great things happened this week. We had Ward Conference in one
of our wards on Sunday. The members were pretty excited preparing for
the conference and inviting their friends.We found 2 new families this
week, a widow whose husband recently passed away and her 8 year old
son, and a part less-active/non-member family. We got a call from the
Bishop's counselor one day letting us know that his friend was having
doubts about his church's doctrine on God and he wanted Mormon
missionaries to visit him and if they could help him understand the
God-head, he would come back to church. We went and visited this
family prepared to teach them about the Godhead. But when we sat down
and started to talk with them, before I knew it, I was sharing with
them the message of the restoration. It was as if I wasn't speaking. It
was the clearest and most understandable explanation I've ever given
of the apostasy and the restoration of the gospel. The mother was
crying and the father just stared at me, wide-eyed. He couldn't say
much, bu the did say he was shocked. He thought Mormons prayed to
Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon was our Mormon Bible and that we
didn't believe in the resurrection. They shared with us that they felt
a light enter their home the day we visited with them because of the
understanding they were starting to have of the truth. Their family
came to our Fireside Friday night and Conference on Sunday. They are
all less-active, except for one of the daughters who isn't baptized.
It is exciting to see the ward so excited about this new family
potentially coming back to church. The Stake President wants to come
with us whenever we visit to teach the family. The leaders of the
church have recently been stressing the importance of working towards
the less-actives and promising that there will be more convert
baptisms if we do so. We have started to see the fruits as we've tried
visiting more less-actives. I know that when we sustain our leaders
and heed to their counsel, the blessings will come.

Ofa atu!
Sister Petalisi

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