Monday, October 10, 2016

Hey so just writing a quick note.  We are doing a stake program today in preparation for stake conference next week. We will emal on Saturday but things are going well back here in Eua . I got a warm welcome from my old members here and love being back even though it was heartbreaking leaving my wards in Vava'u. I plan on going back as soon as possible! The 8 hour boat ride was beautiful after the first  couple hours of sea sickness and throwing up. We stopped in ha'apai to drop off an elder and continued to the main island. We all picked up our new companions (there were a lot of us) and had meetings in Liahona on Friday and then me and my new comp flew to Eua Thursday morning . I am training a sister from Vava'u Sister Moeata. We've been trying to meet all the investigators and less actives the last sisters were working with the past few days but not much luck no one was home so we did some of our own finding. We found 2 of the investigators that I had started teaching when I worked here before and set up baptismal dates for both of them. We went to general conference session with them last night. They are 2 teenage girls , Susanna and ofeina. Lots of work to do this week to prepare for conference and continue the work that the previous missionaries left here. Love you all have a wonderful week! 

Ofa atu!! 

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