Monday, October 10, 2016

Dear Family,                                                     October 3rd.

Although it was a short 6 weeks in Vava'u, it was 6 of the best weeks
I've spent on my mission. It tears my heart every time I have to leave
an area and those that I taught and the members that helped us, but
God's timing and ways are higher than ours. My companion got her visa
and left this morning for the Philippines. Tomorrow, I will be riding
a boat back to my old area in Tongamama'o 'Eua. 8 hours from Vava'u to
Tonga and then another 3 to Eua. I will be training again but don't
know yet who she is. It was definitely a shock and I planned on
finishing in this area, but I guess there is more I need to do in

The 11 year old daughter of the family we found a few weeks ago was
baptized yesterday and her family is doing great. Continuing to teach
them the lessons and they are always excited to learn more of the
doctrine. One of the families in the ward lives next door to them and
their daughters are the same age and best of friends. When Lusia Faa,
the girl that was baptized, stayed up on the stand to bear her
testimony after being confirmed in Sacrament meeting, her little
friend walked up and sat next to her. They are the cutest.

Lani and her 8 year old son are both preparing to be baptized this
month. As well as my old companion's nephew and niece who are set to
be baptized this week. I love this work and I love this gospel. There
is no greater joy than seeing the gospel work in other's lives and
feeling it everyday in my own. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior
and that He lives.  Have a wonderful week!

Sister Petalisi

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