Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hi family!! 

This week our whole district was able to finally fly to Tonga!! We had a little zone meeting with President and Sister Tupou, which was our last time spent with them and we had final interviews with him as well. They will be released next week which is so so crazy. I love them so much and grateful for all of the things they have taught me. But we are looking forward to meeting our new President and his family. 

The past few days have been a little rough, Sister Vimahi and I BOTH sick. I thought it was just the lack of nutrition we've been getting lately but turns out it's food poisoning. I don't think my stomach liked the American food we've been getting lately at President's house and again this morning from our members who served us all American food. I never thought I would not be down for a bowl of cereal and pancakes for breakfast. So sad! 

Another highlight of the week were two of the families that we recently started working with. With our new fafanga program, our Bishop added two families, one less-active and one non-member, who asked for a time to feed us. We were able to go meet them for the first time this week the day they fed us and teach them. It was a very neat experience because they were all so so humble and grateful to be feeding the missionaries. One is an older couple who wants so badly to go through the temple and be sealed but the husband has been away from church for awhile and a convert to the church. They came to church yesterday! Another family is a lady who's kids are all baptized and come to church but is Catholic and she accepted our invitation to teach her as well as her mom who is already baptized, but went back to the Catholic church. We are so excited to continue to teach them and help them come unto Christ.

Ofa lahi atu!!
Sister Petalisi

Early morning to catch the 1st. sunrise in the world!!

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