Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Friends and Family,

So a few changes happened this week! Sister Reid left Eua to work in Tonga and I got a new companion, Sister Vimahi. I love her! She's a Tongan sister from California and pretty much fluent in the language because she kind of grew up speaking it so that's a huge plus! I'm hoping to improve a lot in the language this transfer. She's almost done too. Two of the elders left 'Eua and they are getting no replacements so President is having us work to their area as well as ours. Our area is HUGE now and we spend most of our time walking. 
Don't have much time to write, so this is all I will be sending home this week, but just want to let you know that I'm doing okay! We were supposed to fly to Tonga today for our MLC meeting, but the plane wasn't able to land to come get us so we are just staying here which is a little disappointing. Especially since it may be President and Sister Tupou's last MLC before they finish. We get a new one next month President Tu'ione I think is his name. I am excited to see what might change in the mission with the new President. 

Love you all!  The work is really hard out here but I love it. I'm trying! Have a good week!

Sister Petalisi

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