Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hey family!

Another wonderful week has flown by! So many good things are happening in the Finau family (the family in the ward whose brother we're teaching, Kalolo.) Friday night we took them to visit the temple and it was a miracle because not only did he and his girlfriend make it, but his mom who is not a member and also the husband who we are currently working with to come back to the church and get his priesthood so he and his wife can be sealed in the temple.  It was such a wonderful and spiritual experience for all of us! It was a turning point for both the husband and the mom. The missionaries have been trying to work with her mom for years now and she has refused every invitation to read the Book of Mormon, fearing that knowing the truth she will have to make a change. Not only did she come to church with her family on Sunday, but she also accepted the Book of Mormon and agreed to read it! Her daughter is so happy and everyone is shocked to see her coming around. But we are all so excited for this cute little family.

Saturday morning we all went to the Vaiola hospital to do service, picked up trash and painted the fence around the hospital which was fun! Helping hands team was all over the island Saturday preparing for the 100 years of Misiona Tonga festivities this week. 

So many things I wish I had time to write about. But I want you all to know that I love you and I love this work. Go out there and make someone else happy (: 

Love you!
Sister Petalisi

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