Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hi Family! 

Wow lots happened this week so I'm not going to be able to talk about most of it but I will try to do my best giving a little snippet. 

We started teaching a young mom, Seini, who is very open to our message. Her parents are the Hou'eiki here and started the Westlyan church here so she attends that church but is pretty open to all faiths and enjoys listening. We found her visiting an older couple that was an older investigater I had yet to teach or talk with really. We got there and they were very nice but before we could share anything they got up and announced they needed to go to the store down the street and we could teach their friend that was just visiting them and lived down the street (Sela). Hola ki ai! After we explained the Book of Mormon and invited her to read it she said something like "Well yeah I'll just read the book and see if it's true" very casually. She always tells us about all the people that talk bad about the church to her (which is usually why people drop us or start running away). But she does not care which is a wonderful thing. She talks about all the bad/crazy things they say and then asked us "Did you know that people hate your church?" Haha yeah kind of a world-wide thing. We committed her to baptism on Saturday after teaching her the Plan of Salvation. We asked her what she can do that she hasn't already done to prepare to live in the Celestial Kingdom and she said something like "Well I should probably just do those 5 things that you were talking about." She's so on point! 

These past few days have been busy with Stake Conference. There was a Saturday night session for the adults, Sunday morning, and a fireside last night and they were all wonderful! 5 of our investigators came to the Sunday morning conference and 2 of them were new investigaters invited by our members. We taught one of those a little bit ago- a mexican from california. The only terrible thing about it was that their was a "kai pola" (feast) after each of these three meetings for the leaders and special guests that had been invited and they made us come to each of them. I don't think I've ever been as bloated as I was that day, but fortunately I'm still alive. 

Well, I wish I could go on but due to the time, mahalo ko ia pe.
Ofa lahi atu,
Sister Petalisi

Pualani at Stake Conference

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