Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a little crazy. As you can probably guess from the the subject, lots of sitting in air conditioned buildings and less walking around in the sun so I guess that was one blessing of the week. But unfortunately we were not able to spend much time in our area. Tuesday morning we flew to Tonga and went to the temple with President and Sister Tupou which was a-a-mazing. We stayed in Liahona right by the mission office with the 2 other sisters who are serving in motu (vava'u). Party! Our Mission Leadership Conference was wonderful. Lots of role-playing lessons and evaluating. The past few months the mission has been working on elevating the level of our teachings by using inspired questions and now our focus has changed to helping our investigators become converted through UNDERSTANDING, being EDIFIED, and REJOICING. Based off of the scripture in D&C 50:22. We came back Thursday and made back just in time because a cyclone hit hard and all missionaries were informed to kick back and stay safe.  Fortunately it didn't last very long and we went out and fit one lesson in. Friday the assistant's to the President came and we had our Zone Conference which consisted of more hours of role-playing and rejoicing haha. Saturday and Sunday we were able to watch General Conference at the church which was wonderful. I'm always sad when it ends. It sounds like things are getting crazier out there in the real world and the church is getting some heat. We feel very sheltered here in Tonga where everyone loves God and religion and especially other people who love God and religion. Too many good ones to pick a favorite but one of the talks I enjoyed was Ronald A. Rasband's. Questions are so common and so valuable when written down and remembered. Just like how a child can't make it through this life without the help of his parents, we definitely cannot make it through this life without our Heavenly Father's help. My new commitment to myself this general conference is to write down all the questions I have as they come and then study, ponder, and pray about them. 

Love you xoxo
Sister Petalisi

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