Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dear family,

2016 is looking up! 1st week of the year was definitely a solid one and has set a good tone for a year of lots of hard work, sweat, and the rest of it. The New Year in Tonga was welcomed with a cyclone and power outage, which was very good for us because one, with the wind it was not super super hot. And two, EVERYONE was home! It was amazing. We were able to find some of our investigators that have seemed to fall off the face of the earth as well as everyone we have been working with. Everyone was kind of confused being that we were one of the few walking outside despite the storm and the normal response when we showed up at their door was--But sisters what are you doing? It's raining. Rain seems to be some Tongan superstition because when it rains, everybody stays clear of it. But being that I'm from Washington, a rainy day is just another day. More good news is that cyclones don't hit this island pretty hard so there wasn't much damage, just a few fallen trees. 

Other than everyone being home for most of the week due to the cyclone, my highlight of the week was with one of our investigators, Nutei, who is a fakaleiti if any of you know what that is. If not, that's okay! He's a child of God who we just started teaching last week and he's awesome! When we invited him to read the Book of Mormon and handed him one that I had in my hand he was so shocked. He asked to make sure he heard us right that we were giving it to him and not the invisible being next to him and when we gave it to him and smiled so big and I think he may have even hugged it a little. But just remember he is in his 20s so you can get the picture right. He said when he saw the book in our bag the first time we talked to him briefly, he wanted to ask for it but was just too shy. We left his house thinking FINALLY, someone understands! That's how everyone is supposed to react when they're given a Book of Mormon because if they don't they don't know what is inside! It was a little breath of fresh air from the usual response we get when we invite people to read the Book of Mormon because Tongans love love love their Bible and are superstitious to any other book that is professed to be as amazing as the Bible. 

Well I love you all! This church is true because is Christ's church and he stands at the head. I'm so so grateful for the wholeness and perfection we can receive in this life, despite our imperfections, because of our Savior. Each day is an opportunity to start new and make new goals to recommit yourself to the Savior and his gospel. 

Sister Petalisi

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