Monday, January 25, 2016

Dear Family--

Work this week was on point and our focus has been mainly towards our investigators with baptismal dates and TRYING to find new investigators on our own efforts and through the members. But the good news is that the 4 investigators that are preparing to be baptized this Saturday all came to church yesterday! It has been very rewarding seeing the change and the progress of those we are preparing for baptism. I think just as much joy comes from seeing the shock of the members. Two of these investigators that have baptismal dates in particular come from backgrounds that have unfortunately caused lots of judgement to come in their direction from members and nonmembers. Nutei, who has struggled with his sexual identity, and Soni, who has struggled with drugs, drinking, and smoking for years. As we first started teaching them, we'd get lots of comments like--Good luck with that sisters--or--don't waste your time. But as we have focused on the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our discussions and asking inspired questions, we've been able to see changes in their lives and they've both received a hope that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ. The spirit can truly change ANYONE. It was fun to see the shock on the members faces when they learned that they'd be getting baptized within the next 2 weeks and when they showed up to church. 

One thing we have been working on as a mission is asking INSPIRED QUESTIONS. Sometimes as teachers or missionaries, it is easy to get carried away and start talking too much. But when we talk too much we are only getting in the way of the spirit who is the real teacher. As I've worked on getting out of the way by talking less and listening more through inspired questions, I've noticed a huge huge difference in the results of the lessons. This is not only an important lesson for missionaries, but teachers in every aspect--missionaries, teachers, parents, friends. Because the spirit is the only teacher that can truly change someone.  
Love you all tons and have a stellar week. 

Sister Petalisi
The 2 girls hiding behind the book are 2 of the 4 getting baptized on Saturday.  They belong to the half Tongan/half Indian family and they are the cutest!

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