Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dear Family,

I hope everyone's Christmas back home was lovely. I'm sure it wasn't as hot and sweaty as ours, but that's okay. Christmas is still Christmas no matter where you are because Christ is the Savior of the WORLD and he was born to be the ruler of all nations. The excitement of Christmas and all of the festivities pretty much died on Christmas when we found everyone sleeping. Tongans take their "aho malolo" (or day of rest) seriously because everyone is knocked out... or at the beach.  So our Christmas day consisted of lots and lots of walking, trying to find little kids we can talk to, and lots of yummy food. One of our appointments didn't fall through and we were able to spend part of the evening with one of the less-active families we are working with which was great! 

Christmas Eve was a little more exciting because we made cookies at one of the member's houses and planned on being secret santas for a night. We didn't take into account that there are EYES and EARS EVERYWHERE in Tonga. So you pretty much can't get away with anything. Also, the dogs...which would have destroyed them so fast. So even though we ended up hand delivering everything, it still made an exciting Christmas Eve! 

Our baptism we were supposed to have this last week fell through because her mother came back from New Zealand and was pretty upset when she found out. So that was pretty sad, but maybe one day there will be a time for her! We had lots of new investigators this week and 4 that we set a baptismal date with.  Looking forward to working with them! Love you all bunches and wish you a wonderful new year <3

Sister Petalisi
Christmas jammies!

Snow in Tonga!

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