Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dear Family,

This week was quite the eventful week and it started out with "KAI KULI" in honor of my last district leader finishing his mission this week. So they celebrated by killing our friend Crosby, who is every missionary in this district's best dog friend because he follows us everywhere, waits outside for us during district meetings and comes running to us when we work out at the church every morning. The member's who own him cooked him in an umu and we all ate him last monday for Pday. Even though it felt wrong and it was a little sad, it was my first time eating dog and it was DELICIOUS. 

This week was a little rough as far as lessons with investigaters go because the members that are fellowshipping them and go on exchanges with us were really busy and couldn't come teach with us. On Thursday, we were walking to a house to visit and on the way we met with 2 little boys in the street who were playing but stopped and ran up to us (...probably because all the kids know we sometimes have candy) But anyways, after we talked with them we walked with them to their house to meet their family. The mom, Ngalu, was home and let us in to talk with her. She had grown up in the church and was already baptized as a kid but married someone who goes to the church of Tonga and so their whole family is now Siasi Tonga (church of Tonga). After sharing with her the message of the restoration, we asked her an inspired question and she said that when she reads the Book of Mormon and receives a witness that it is true, she will come back to church. When people are taught the doctrine so plainly that there can't be any misunderstanding and asked an inspired question, they will know exactly what they need to do as long as they have an open heart. We will meet with her again this week and hope to meet with her whole family too.

Another family we started working with this week is much similar to Ngalu. We met them last week and finally were able to have a family night with the mom and the kids this week. She's already baptized and has 9 kids and is married to a man from India who is never home and we just met for the first time last night. With the differences of beliefs and backgrounds in their family, they don't go to church and religion hasn't played a huge role in their family. We taught them the doctrine of Christ, again, without the presence of the father because he is always out either working or drinking. She was so happy and said it was the first time anyone had had family night like that with her family and wants to do it every week. She and the kids were all really excited to come to the church activities this week--a huge feast in celebration of the birth of this stake, and a stake musical fireside we had last night, and church yesterday. I hope and pray that we will be able to teach her husband as well as Ngalu's husband so that they, together with their wives, can lead their families in righteousness. 

Love you all!
Sister Petalisi
Killed 2 mice and a monster-sized spider

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