Monday, September 7, 2015

Malo e lelei!                                                                                                  August 31st.  2015
We had a few neat experiences with some of our investigaters this week. Sister Moala and I have seen much improvement in our teaching and the power that we have in teaching. We found 5 new investigaters this week and 3 of them agreed to be baptized which was exciting! One of them is Makaleta Mokoi who we have been trying to teach since the first week or so, but haven't been able to because she is super busy with her responsibilities in the Catholic church. Her whole family is very strong in the Catholic church, but her younger sister is serving a mission in Tonga and we've had a vision for her since we started talking to her. We were told that she has never been interested in the church, but felt impressed to continue to try to teach her. We finally caught her at a good time this week and after invited her to baptism she agreed. It was a very neat experience because I saw the power of the spirit work a miracle within her. She couldn't deny the truthfulness of the message even though she didn't want to leave the youth in her church. We shared 1 Nephi 9:6 and promised her that because God always prepares a way for his works to be accomplished, He can prepare a way for her to be baptized. By the end of the lesson we were all crying and laughing and it was a beautiful experience. We had a similar experience with another woman who we taught the first lesson to and then invited her to baptism. Other than the investigators we are working with, we are working towards many less-actives. We just found out that 2 of them in our ward are preparing to get married and we are so excited!! I am hoping that I can be here for their sealing next year!
Love you all and have a great week! Remember to continually strengthen your faith because everything else in life relies on faith. We can do ALL things as long as our will is aligned with our Heavenly Father's. Ofa atu!
Sister Petalisi

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