Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hello family!
The highlight of this last week was the MUSICAL FIRESIDE! Nobody in the ward had faith that it would be successful, so we were feeling very happy when we proved everyone wrong! haha It was a very nice program and more people came to it than there has ever been at church on Sunday. Very cool. Sister Moala and I don't have many issues to worry about, but one that we do have is singing together. One night during planning we decided to make it a goal to start singing to the people we teach. It started out as a great idea because we both love singing and harmonizing, but for some reason, we can't make it through 2 verses without bursting into laughter. It starts out great and invites the spirit so we feel confident enough to go on to the 2nd, and then always, ALWAYS we start laughing. Either I screw up a Tongan word or our voices crack or we miss  a note and we just lose it. Well, we decided anyways that we had to sing at the fireside because we needed more numbers--we just never learn. We knew we would laugh if it was just us so we had Seini Tauelangi, one of the members we're very close to, sing with us because she's on point and we THOUGHT she wouldn't laugh. Well, I don't know what happened, but all 3 of us couldn't finish the song. So we've learned to stop singing completely for other people because we just can't. Other than that tidbit, the fireside was amazing!! Everyone was socializing and eating together after and I am so excited to plan the next one!! (Without Sister Moala and I in the program).
This week we hope to finally accomplish our goal and meet everyone in Pea! That is exciting. We also just found out that they are getting 3 new cars for the sisters! Sister Moala should be getting one soon so that will be a big change for us and probably a few more pounds too..Transfers are this week which is exciting. There are 3 more palangis coming this week and one of them is being trained by a palangi, Sister Faux. That should be interesting and we are all very nervous about it, especially Sister Faux!
Love you lots!! Have a great week
Sister Petalisi

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