Sunday, September 13, 2015

Malo e lelei!  

Last week we had mission tour!! Elder Pearson and his wife came to talk to the mission and it was an awesome experience. The week before had been a little bit of a struggle for my companion and I so we did lots of preparing for it. We learned SO much. Elder Pearson is awesome. One of my favorite quotes from it was actually from Sister Tupou--our mission president's wife--"Stop fearing and stop worrying, God loves you." It was really good to hear that. I think sometimes we stress out too much, think we're not good enough or that we aren't doing enough. Just do your best and stop worrying. Because God loves you. Another thing that I learned was that success does not come from just succeeding once, but from continuing to improve and learn from your failures. We all have failures. But we can't let them drag us down. We have to strive to do better and if we continue to learn from them, we will be successful.
We've been teaching an old man named Mani for awhile. He is so cute and funny. Every time we see him he ALWAYS reminds us that we need to find a Tongan husband for me. We just laugh and say yes Mani we will don't worry! Then one day this week we went to teach him and after the lesson he said he was going to kolo (town) to find a husband for me and he would bring him to the next lesson. We both looked at each other and died because we realized just how serious he was. Too far Mani! Who knows, maybe it will be a teaching opportunity or potential investigator?
Last P-day we got a car! It's a blessing because it saves a lot of time, but also a curse for obvious reasons. We are a lot more busy running errands for other sisters but being busy is always a blessing! It is starting to warm up here, which is nice! But ohhh man I can't imagine what it's going to be like mid-summer. The work is hard, but it is so worth it! Too blessed and TOO LOVED to be stressed. Love you all, have a wonderful week!
Sister Petalisi

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