Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hello!                                                         May 14th.  
So this week had it's ups and downs. First off, mata kovi hit 'Eua,
some new virus or sickness. It actually started making us laugh when
almost every house we went to Saturday, someone would come out a
little shy, with one hand kind of covering their eye and their eyes
are bloodshot or swollen and really watery. So sad. Half the ward wore
sunglasses to church. I'm not sure how Sister Reid and I haven't
gotten it yet, but that's a blessing.

Lots of our investigators dropped us this week for a variety of
reasons and I'm still trying to recover from a little bit of a broken
heart. One family was because of peer pressure their getting from
their family and friends, but they invited us over Friday, for us
to sit down and really talk about it. I'm not really sure what they
have in mind, but we will prepare lots for that! Another was a brother
and sister that were SO GOLDEN and their parents seemed to love us and
not mind that we came and shared with their children, but then on
Friday when we went, our investigator told us that his dad wasn't loto
(or wanting it) to us sharing our message with them anymore. That was
really hard. But we will try to work towards the dad and get on his
good side somehow.

Good news is that Seini is progressing and doing so well!! She
couldn't make it to church Sunday because her and her little baby
got hit with mata kovi the day before. But she is going to Tonga this
week and coming back with her husband who is a member, but
less-active. We're so excited because now he will be here for her
baptism and we can start working with him too so they can be sealed in
the temple. W

Well I wish I could go on, but time is cutting me short. I love this
work! I feel so blessed to have these experiences and bring people
their eternity. God is so wonderful and amazing. I know he lives and
that he loves each of us. Have a wonderful week <3

Sister Petalisi
Island hopping for training meetings last week.

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