Sunday, November 22, 2015

Malo e lelei!

Last week we didn't get the chance to email because internet was down, but much has happened these past 2 weeks. Last Sunday, Sister Moala and I sang in Sacrament meeting. They must have secretly known it would be our last Sunday together because they asked us to sing right before the meeting started. And we didn't even laugh once. MIRACLES  HAPPEN. We got the transfer call Sister Moala moved to Tokomololo which is right next door to Pea. And we are both training palangi sister's. It's awesome because Sister Moala's grandma lives in Tokomololo and she asked president if we could go there to teach her. So we started going there a couple weeks ago and then he moved her to Tokomololo. But we just got the news that the stake boundaries are changing and part of Tokomololo is going to join PEA!! Which is really really exciting because that means more people to find and teach! And also more members. But it's also funny because her family will be moving into Pea ward and she just moved to Tokomololo.

My new companion is Sister Brown and she's from Idaho! I'm not sure if this comparison is accurate but right now I'm kind of feeling like a 16 year old mom who's not ready for the responsibility. It's okay, I'm sure it will be a good growing experience! 

I know it's only a short update but I love you all!! Have a great week

Ofa atu,
Sister Petalisi

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