Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Belated Halloween!! Unfortunately Halloween isn't celebrated on this rock so there was no sneaking candy for us on Saturday or dressing up. I had a cute experience talking with a little girl outside of her house. We were talking about the Plan of Salvation and how excited she was to see her mom again in heaven and somehow the conversation led to angels and evil spirits and Halloween. I asked if they celebrated it and she said she's heard of it but people in Tonga don't celebrate it, but she wishes they did so she could go dress up and go around house to house delivering candy to people. I laughed and thought about explaining what actually happens for Halloween and then thought nah...I shouldn't corrupt that sweet vision of hers.

So this week was starting to look like a wonderful week as we were SUPER excited to fly to Ha'apai. And then on Tuesday, the day before we were supposed to leave I had food poisoning. So I got to spend the day running back and forth between my bed and outside to throw up. God was truly watching over us because we got some surprise visits from Tevita Saia (Sister Kennach's brother) and extended family of Sister Moala with LOTS of yummy food. After a day of recovery, I was back to normal health and our trip to Ha'apai was still on. But when we woke up at 4 in the morning to catch our flight, Sister Moala felt really sick, so we spent another 2 days in the MQ, unfortunately. I think it's bad enough to either be sick or have your companion be sick on the mission but the worst part is that we were stuck inside all day thinking about where we could have been. No worries though, life goes on and Sister Tupou is trying to make it still happen sometime this month. 

Toa--the "less-active" we have been working with and wanted to speak at the musical fireside--was rebaptized as a new member of the church on Saturday. After calling to the Stake President and them calling to headquarters, we learned that she had been ex-communicated and needed to be baptized again, which she was excited about. It was a neat experience to see her literally START FRESH. Ever since we got here she has said, you two are the sisters who are going to bring me back. She has come so far and teaches us that no matter who you are--rebellious teenager, or a returned missionary who falls away, or a nonmember--God is ALWAYS ready to accept you back if you turn to him. It was good to turn around and see her with her husband and 3 kids sitting in the chapel.

I love this work! Though it is hard, it is worth every tear, every struggle, and every awkward experience. Love you all!! Have a stellar week (: Ofa latu atu,

Sister Petalisi

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