Monday, February 29, 2016

Hello family!!

Not much news this week, but something exciting from this week was a new family that we started teaching! The noble that lives in Pea  and her husband are amazing member missionaries. Background...In each village there's always a hou'eiki. The heiarchy in Tonga goes something like 3. the normal people on bottom, 2. Hou'eiki or nobles, and then 1. the King and royal family. Ours happens to be a member and from America! They just started coming back to our ward in Pea because they went to a ward in town to help Prince Ata convert to the church, the prince that was baptized last year in Hawai'i. Now they are back in our ward and it has been lovely because they feed us french toast and mashed potatoes and stuff like that which isn't found here in Tonga. Anyways, her name is Diana and she let us know that she set up an appointment for us to teach her friend, which was last Monday night. When she told us who it was we were pretty shocked because not only did we know her already, but she was one of the very few houses in Pea that pretty much slammed the door in our face. After explaining our purpose of being there and earning her trust we were able to discuss the restoration of the gospel and she apologized for the way she had first treated us. She explained that she thought we were just coming to baptize her and her whole family. . .which isn't completely inaccurate. But I hope you can all maybe learn something from this little experience which taught me how members can LITERALLY open the doors for missionaries. She didn't make it to church this week but she did make it to a relief society activity where they made flowers to make a kiekie and she loved it! 
The cyclone wasn't bad here we just had to stay inside for a couple days as a precautionary. The streets in our village were flooded and it took forever to walk places depending on where you're going. But that's all part of the adventure! But nothing bad on the main island here in Tonga. All is well. 

I love you all,
Sister Petalisi
Sister Piinoki, Petalisi and Pilauni.

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