Tuesday, October 6, 2015


This week will be a short one because lack of time, but here's a quick report of the week! One of our investigater's that we've been working with has been preparing to be baptized this Saturday. We found him at his house when we were looking for his younger sister, who really wants to join the church, but is not allowed to because she is only 10 and her mom does not approve. But Toni, our investigater, is 18 and so we could start teaching him. He has been coming to church and has a strong desire to be baptized, but we learned that his mom will kick him out of the house if he is baptized. It is a tough situation and we are doing a lot of praying for him and his mom! Another investigater we are working with is Pua, who really wants to be baptized but has a smoking and drinking problem. Whenever we show up for our appointments, he is either gone, or drunk so we have to delay it. He keeps asking--When is my baptism?--and we tell him that he cannot be baptized until we see a change. I know the desire is there, but we will have to teach him more about the word of wisdom and the meaning of commandments. 

My comp and I did a lot of studying on faith and one thing that has helped us in our work is a goal we have set for ourselves. We talked about faith with our mission president in our last district meeting and they talked about faith being a principle of power and  MASSIVE ACTION. While we thought we already knew that, we weren't applying it well enough in the work. Each day we set goals for numbers of lessons, referrals, and new investigators. So this week, we decided that each day we wouldn't come home until the goals for that day have been reached. Sometimes it requires desperate measures and awkward experiences but it has been an awesome experience so far! I know that my faith has increased after massive action. 

We will get to watch conference next week at the stake center which I'm looking forward to! Sorry I don't have much time this week either to write, it's crazy today with teachings and transfers are today also! We find out any time today whether or not we're moving or staying. There are LOTS of new people from the states coming this week so that will be interesting. Probably lots of changes but I am praying praying praying that I don't move. But we'll see! 

Love you all! Hope you all took good notes at general conference (:

Sister Petalisi

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